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This site is intended to create collection of photos of lighthouses around the world. You should follow the Terms and Conditions if you want to use the site:

What is allowed to upload to this site:

  • Active or deactivated lighthouses and navigational lights, their remnants or historic photos (to the countries albums or if you don't know where this object located to special album Non-Identified Lighthouses)
  • Lamps, lanterns and photos of lighthouses interior (to the countries albums)
  • Significant maritime coastal infrustructure objects: Port Control and Vessel Traffic Service towers, Radar control towers (to the countries albums)
  • Fog horns, sirens, bells and other coastal sound signals systems (to the countries albums)
  • Significant daymarks / beacons build specially for aid-to-navigation purposes but not lit (to the countries albums)
  • Lightships (to the countries albums)
  • Museum exhibit related to lighthouses (to the special album Museum exhibit)
  • Banknotes and coins with images of lighthouses (to special album Banknotes)
  • Paintings, sculptures and any other art objects with lighthouses (to special album Lighthouses in Art)
  • Stamps with lighthouses images (to special album Stamps with Lighthouses)
  • Any other interesting stuff related to lighthouses (to special album Stuff with Lighthouses)
  • Non significant daymarks, buoys and other minor aids-to-navigation (to special album Aids-to-Navigation except lighthouses - generally this album almost not moderating)

Requirements for uploaded photos:

  • Minimal resolution 640 x 480 pixels, maximum 4096 x 4096 pixels.
  • Maximum file size 6 Mb
  • Photo should have good quality and lighthouse should be main subject of it.
  • Not allowed to upload more than 6 photos of same lighthouse made in same time.
  • Photo should be aligned to horizon.
  • Description fields should be filled as much as possible. Primary language is English. Local names are allowed, but if local name significantly different from English one please provide both.
  • If photo doesn't contain date in EXIF (extended information added by modern digital cameras) or doesn't have visible timestamp - please provide information when this photo was made in the description.
  • Photo copyright must be respected. You can upload only your own photos, photos of public domain or photos for which you have permission of the author.
Photos doesn't corresponded to this rules could be deleted by Administrators. Exceptions of these rules are possible for valuable photos and leaving at the Administrator's judgement.
Uploaded photos can be used in the social network accounts of lightphotos.net such as twitter, facebook and some others. In this case it is not always possible to keep your username associated to the photo, but link to lightphotos.net is always present in the account profile.

Usage of photos:
If you want to use any photos of another user, uploaded to this site, for any purposes, you should obtain permission of author unless otherwise stated in the photo description. You can ask this permission using personal messages of the forum.

Please note: information on this site is unofficial and could not be used in navigation.

Rules of behavior:
Site administration team can remove the content or block the user (temporary or forever) in case of violation one or several rules indicated below.

No inappropriate content:
Inappropriate content is any content which we deem is not fit to be displayed on this website. By content we mean anything that you publish on this website, for example posts, signatures, in photos or in private messages. Inappropriate content includes but is not limited to that which is:

  • Vulgar or graphic
  • Of pornographic nature
  • Offensive to any specific group of people
  • Offensive to a general audience
  • Hateful
  • Sexually oriented
  • Threatening
  • Invasive of a person's privacy

Keep things legal
We ask that you don't bring illegal topics onto this forum. While it's acceptable for such topics to be included as an element to a discussion please set boundaries and keep a distance from discussions that might be incriminating. Examples of what should not be brought into discussions here:

  • Specific methods or sources of piracy
  • Specific methods of committing a crime
  • Public acknowledgment of potentially illegal acts committed, including piracy
  • Actions that imply illegal conduct

No spamming or irrelevant advertising
Spam: Pointless posts with little relevance to the topic
Irrelevant advertising: promotion of products or services that are not related to the topic

No personal attacks or abusive behavior
Each and every member on this forum has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, any actions which contravene this will result in severe consequences. The following behavior is not acceptable:

  • Personal attacks - Any insulting or abusive behavior that is directed at a specific person.
  • Bullying (flaming) - Repeated abuse towards another member, this could be undertaken by one member or a number of members.
  • Instigating (trolling) - Repeatedly provoking a member with the goal of getting an irrational response from them.

Post properly
There are a number of rules relating to posting that must be adhered to in order to keep the forum operating smoothly.
The following is not welcome:

  • Bumping old threads (necroposting) without good reason
  • Bumping more often than once per 24 hours
  • Typing in all caps, it looks childish
  • Post flooding or meaningless messages
  • No duplicate posts or threads - Once is enough.
  • Use non-descriptive thread subjects. You must use a subject that is relevant and informative for your threads.
    Do not use "help me," "hello," "error" or similar vague titles.
  • Post in the incorrect (irrelevant topic) forum
  • Incorrect profile fields usage (large text, referral/affiliate links, exessive signature etc) Usernames must not constitute a URL (ie. something.com). They must also not be excessively long or keep offensive words


  • No duplicate accounts - duplicate accounts will be banned and you risk your main account being banned too.
  • Respect the staff and their decisions - We are here to do a job which we do to the best of our ability. Any threads or posts questioning the decisions of staff will be removed on sight; if you have a problem with the actions of a staff member then discussing it with them via private message is the correct way to deal with it.
  • Rep comments - Reputation comments must not constitute inappropriate content or a personal attack as per the definition above. Anyone abusing the reputation system will have their ability to leave reputation revoked immediately, permanently and without warning.

For other questions please see FAQ or ask administrator
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Terms and Conditions
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Please note: information on this site is unofficial and could not be used in navigation.
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