[Vietnam] Hon Bay Canh lighthouse, on Con Son islands,

Started by fluorite, November 05, 2017, 08:14:19 AM

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Hon Bay Canh lighthouse,  Admiralty F3046,

CônLôn island, ConSon dao,  Côn Lôn also known as Côn Sơn,
Marco Polo mentioned the island in the description of his 1292 voyage from China to India,
under the name Sondur and Condur,

CônLôn island is a uninhabited island, year 1706, Dutch come to here, they want dwell here,
a lot of huge size reptiles, similar to Kodomo monitor, eat human,
Dutch hunting, gun fire,
people must logging in the forest, build a wall, against huge monitor,
Chinese sailor sell brick and tile building materials to Dutch,

the monitor meat unable to eat, it cause disease, most of Dutch get disease, decease, some people survive,
however, a small kingdom call Guangnam, one of Vietnam native tribe,
Guangnam warrior come to CônLôn island, kill all of Dutch survive,
the CônLôn island uninhabited again,

the huge monitor was extincted,


 Nobody wants to visit this island for nice lighthouse pics with such an dangerous history! ;)

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