Author Topic: The story of Cape Santiago Lighthouse (Taiwan)  (Read 8663 times)

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The story of Cape Santiago Lighthouse (Taiwan)
« on: March 24, 2018, 11:28:18 AM »
The story of Cape Santiago Lighthouse (Taiwan)

The Cape Santiago Lighthouse is very old and its age is older than you and me.
during WWII, the American aircraft has come and left traces.

Last time, I climbed the lighthouse tower and went to the top to see the lantern.
I knew that the lantern glass was broken.
the lighthouse keeper said that it was the result of the US machine gun shooting.
the lantern glass so special, no spare parts could replacement, so it has been retained as it was until now.
after the glass breakage,
its function is reduced and it does not reach the 100% function of its original design.
if the Japanese just turn off the lights, the Americans think that the destroy mission completed,
them will not be repeat attack.
under the lantern, there is a mercury pool. it was not known whether or not the mercury pool was broken.
if the mercury pool leakage, it was a poison pollution.

Visitors can find the machine gun shooting dents,
the dents on the short walls, and the dents on the north side column of the lighthouse building.
these dent marks have been covered by thickness paint and still depression,
according to the results of the impact point analysis,
the US aircraft flew from the northwest to the southeast
and returned to the aircraft carrier after the machine gun shooting.
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Re: The story of Cape Santiago Lighthouse (Taiwan)
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Re: The story of Cape Santiago Lighthouse (Taiwan)
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I can agree, Cape Santiago Lighthouse is a very popular and interesting place in Taiwan! Inside the keepers house you can find a small museum describing the history of the most eastern lighthouse of Taiwan!