Twin lighthouses

Started by Bergwind, March 27, 2018, 02:08:22 AM

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On my trip to New England I have seen two twin lighthouses, Navesink in New Jersey and Thacher Island, Massachusetts. Today it is hard to understand, what is the need to build two expensive lighthouses at same place!
Are there more twins in other places than New England?
Attached two pictures from the Navesink. One picture shows the view from North to South tower. Third picture is a distant view to Thacher Island lighthouses, accessible only by boat. Boat tours are available in July an August!


Preparing one of my next lighthouse trips to Wales and Southwest England in September! So I have found another twin lighthouse at the southernmost point of Englands mainland : The Lizard, ARLHS ENG-068! :)


Also Nordkoster and  Nidingen in Sweden!
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