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Started by Bergwind, December 29, 2017, 01:38:13 AM

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What is the recommondation for using keyword list? Creating new key words, or strongly using only list for uploads ?
Some keywords are doubles ( Ireland), some keywords describes only a small area!


I'm trying to keep keywords in one line, but of course there are some irregularities - database is already in 30.000 pictures, complicated to keep it always right. Keywords are very useful instrument for quick search and also search engine indexing. Also keywords allows to create kind of "virtual" photo albums by simple clicking or searching by keyword and getting all photos in the specific location or specific type. Currently i'm trying to use following keywords: geografic reference such as: country, region (i.e. province, state, island etc), nearest big city if any, water basin (sea, gulf, bay, river, lake etc). In addition there are few other specific keywords such as: offshore - offshore construction located in water, faux - faux light never used for navigation, sunset - dusk photos, night - night photos, winter - photos in ice/snow, siren - foghorn or any other fog signal, storm - pictures in rough weather, interior - picture inside of the lighthouse, lantern - picture with lantern only, lamp - picture of lamp, aerial - photo from aircraft or drone, lightship - lightvessel. Of course this list is not fixed in concrete - if you feel some other keywords would be interesting, we can easily expand it. 
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