Vietnam lighthouse with coordinates

Started by fluorite, October 31, 2021, 01:05:18 AM

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Vietnam lighthouse with coordinates,

Hòn Dấu hải đăng, 1894, Admiralty F3236, N20°39.99'  E106°48.97'
Long Châu Đảo Hải đăng, 1894, Admiralty F3232, N20°37.35'  E107°9.55'
Quản Tượng hải đăng, 1903, Admiralty F3206, N16°7.34'  E108°12.83'
Tiên Sa hải đăng, 1903, Admiralty F3204, N16°8.39'  E108°19.34'
Cù Lao Xanh Hải đăng, 1904, Admiralty F3158, N13°36.87'  E109°21.47'
Đại Lãnh Hải đăng, 1904,  Admiralty F3154, N12°53.8'  E109°27.42'
Hòn Lớn Hải Đăng, 1890, Admiralty F3148, N12°11.663'  E109°20.046'
Mũi Dinh hải đăng, 1904, Admiralty F3122, N11°21.74'  E109°0.84
Kê Gà hải đăng, 1900, Admiralty F3116, N10°41.71'  E107°59.49'
Cần Giờ hải đăng, 1864, Admiralty F3082, N10°24.09'  E107°0.84'
Vũng Tàu hải đăng, 1862, 1913, Admiralty F3066, N10°20.04'  E107°4.66'


Thank you for posting!
Do you know how I drive to the lighthouses ? I am using ! I am using the app ! I download KML datas in ! So all lights are in my mobile !
One disadvantage: Here are only the active lights ! Inactive lighthouses I fix in Google maps.
See the screenshot of my mobile with the lights of Denmark / Germany!

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