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Q: Why to collect such photos?
A: Last years i've visited many lighthouses due to my job, so i put it to the Internet. But looking in general i understood that many lighthouses became relict in epoch of electronic navigation. Many of them are currently being removed from operation and simply abandoned. So i think it's a good idea to take and store photos while they still exist in order to save them as legacy.

Q: Does everybody can upload own photo?
A: I reviewed many lighthouse galleries i found that all of them are based on the home page of one person who fill it and update it regularly. And if this person busy/not interesting anymore - site start to degrade very soon. There are many sites with photos, which are simply abandoned and will never updated anymore. That's the thing i'm trying to avoid. As you may be see, last years internet significally changed. Before it was based on "individuals" who created and supported own sites. Now we're living in Web2.0 times - everything now based on the communities, social networking, so users doesn't like simply read or watch, but prefer to participate in site life. That's what i tried to make - you can upload photo, add comments, speak with another users, rate another photos etc. And this is best way to keep site up-to-date - even if i'll stop to upload anything - site will be filled by another amateurs and this is great.

Q: Can i upload photo, if photos of same lighthouse of another authors are already present?
A: Yes, photos of same lighthouses, made by different authors are very welcome. We can compare which one is better :)

Q: Is it commercial project?
A: No. Membership is free and not expected to be paid. If project will be successfully grow, it could be added some banner advertising and voluntary donation options to get some money for extension. At the moment it is completely private project holding by only me.

Q: Is there are some limits for number of photos uploaded by user?
A: No. Technically we're limited only hosting space.

Q: Can i upload all lighthouses photos i have?
A: Yes, but please note - it should be your own photos, or photos for which you have permission to use, we don't want copyright problems.

Q: Do i transfer copyright of my photos to site owner?
A: No, you still hold all the rights for your photos and could delete them from gallery if you want.   

Q: Is it possible to get latest uploaded photos by RSS?
A: Yes add this link to your RSS-aggregator

Q: How to add my photo to Google Maps?
A: Unfortunately this function is available for Administrator only due to site engine limitations. But don't worry, it will be added by him just 1-2 days after upload.

Q: What if i don't know information about lighthouse?
A: No probs, just fill what you know, all other we'll add from our databases.

Q: What are the principles of the albums assignments?
A: Most of the countries contain of one album for all lighthouses. For the countries with extended coast line and many pictures in the gallery, their albums were split to several areas. Such splits generally don't correspond to the country administrative division, but sometimes they are inline with it. Claimed, disputed and self-declared territories often has own dedicated album. Please note, that we are far away from political disputes or territorial claims, therefore this separation of the pictures to albums is just conventional way to arrange the photos. If you feel that there is the better way to re-arrange the photos - please inform us via contact form.
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