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Started by mitko, March 02, 2012, 07:01:27 PM

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If you are going to search particular light in our directory please read this simple manual.
1. Main search page could be found in menu.
2. You could try to find lighthouse by name, country, admiralty number, ARHLS number - just enter one or several words and click "Search".  For active lights admiralty number is preferable. For inactive - try ARHLS.

3. Try to use both local and english names in search query (sometimes names are written in local language, sometimes - in english).
4. Every lighthouse has keywords, which are also could be used in search. Usially keyword contains some geographic data like country, state or province, nearest city, sea, bay or any other water area. As additional there are some special keywords:
Historic: historic photo
Lightship: photo of lightvessel
Superbuoy: photo of superbuoy
Offshore: lighthouse is located off the coast
Vessel Traffic Service: VTS tower or radar tower
Sunset: photo made on the sunset
Night: photo made at night
Storm: photo made in rough seas
Winter: photo made in winter
Lamp: image contains lamp of the lighthouse
Lantern: image of the lantern
Interior: photo was made inside of the lighthouse
Plate: photo of the information plate
Full list of keywords could be found below the search settings.

5. Geographic search. If you want to find lighthouses in particular area - open album of area or country you want to review. In the header of album you could see link to google earth:

Clicking on this link will open standard google sattelite image with available lights marked on it. Clicking on the light opens thumbnail of the picture of this light. Clicking on the thumbnail opens page of this photo.
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