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Started by cwbash, October 25, 2011, 04:46:01 PM

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I think as your site grows, you will have a problem with too many lights in "United States" and "Canada"  Many sites subdivide by state, if you use that option, Michigan is the largest with 240 some lighthouses.  Other sites cover the coastal waters by region and subdivide by state, and then cover the inland waters by the name of the lake (thus Lake Michigan would cover lights in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.)

I propose that you will find your life easier if you establish how you are going to subdivide before you get overwhelmed.  At this point, that is not an issue as my 5 pictures from Lake Erie are the only ones in the United States album. 

If you'd like to get an idea of the magnitude of the problem, you can look at my site ( which I believe lists almost all the lights in the US and has photos gathered from a number of photographers.


Thanks very much for this suggestion. In fact this gallery allows to provide several levels of categories, so we can create category US and then albums for each state. It's easy to move photos from album to album and to move  albums from category to category. You're right, than site will grow and number of lights will be increased it will be necessary to divide albums by state, so i think i will do this soon than more photos will be added, it will be easy to resort them again.
Best regards,

Michal Gastropoda Marciniak

Instead of starting a new topic I write in this, because its similar
Hola Mitko, probably you have been thinking about it:
Spain - I guess it would be easier to see the lighthuses if the country album would be divided into smaller parts...
Saludos Michal


Yep, i just needed to find some time to resort all Spanish photos. Did it today.
Best regards,

Michal Gastropoda Marciniak

Beautiful done!
Saludos, como Espanioles hablan y suerte MICHAL

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