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Orkney lighthouses
« on: June 20, 2012, 08:38:55 AM »
Recently i've made business trip to Orkney Islands (Scotland). This kind of paradise for LH funs - there are so many of them around the archipelago. So few tips about Orkney Lighthouses. As usial click on the thumbnail opens larger image.
Most popular and easiest to access - definitely lighthouse in Kirkwall. This is old Kirwall pier light, not used anymore:

Instead of it there is one more light in operation at the breakwater knuckle:

Next lighthouses are not so easy to get, need some transport. If you based on Mainland (central and biggest island) and have a car, you can see few of them. 
Brough of Birsay lighthouse, located in a walking distance from Birsay village on the north-west part of Mainland. It is located on small island, connected by pathway to Mainland. Access to this island is possible only during low tide.

Rose Ness lighthouse is located on the south-east point of Mainland. There is no road, but it is in the walking distance (around 10-15 min) from nearest farm.

Travel to north-east (direction to Deerness) and find any road heading to the east coast. You could see two lighthouses on the small islands. There is no any public transport to these islands, so simplest way is just to view them from coast of Mainland. These are:
Copinsay lighthouse

and Auskerry lighthouse, which is much far and seen only in clear weather:

Next target is Stromness - 2nd biggest city of Orkney. In walking distance from the city there is a Ness Point with nice pathway on the seaside. From this passway you could see Skerry of Ness lighthouse (just off-shore):

And more distant Hoy Sound low

And Hoy Sound High lighthouses

Both located on Graemsay island. If you want to get closer to them - you can take ferry trip to Graemsay from Stromness harbour.
Next target is South Ronaldsay island. You can get there by car via famous Churchill Barriers. South end of the island and you could see Lother Rock light:

and Muckle Skerry lighthouse (this is already not Orkney - Pentland Skerries)

Well, that's all you could get on Mainland. For next ones you need to take some ferries.
Ferry Houton - Lyness (which on the Hoy Island) crosses Scapa Flow and shows you Cava lighthouse:

And a bit far away Barrel of Butter lighthouse:

Also from Lyness you could see Cantick Head lighthouse, but maybe you'll have a chance to make better photo if you travel south on the Hoy island:

Ferry from Kirkwall to Shapinsay passes by Thieves Holm light (just outside of Kirkwall harbour)

and Helliar Holm lighthouse

Ferry Kirkwall - Stronsay comes near small Papa Stronsay light

Calf Sound lighthouse stays aside of regular ferry routes. I was lucky to get it - there was unusial ferry Stronsay - Westray, which came near it:

And the last in this trip brilliant Noup Head lighthouse located at the north tip of Westray island:

That was definitely not all Orkney's lighthouses, so i kept some of them maybe for next visit :)
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Re: Orkney lighthouses
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2013, 06:39:17 PM »
I was on holliday on Scotland on may. i wanted to go to the Orkney Island but the ferry was brocken so many thanks for your photos :D

I will post photos of Scotland's Lighthouse as soon as possible.