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Thanks to everyone for their responses.  I think you are correct that this was likely a prop building constructed for the film.  Other scenes in the film show a yacht that is obviously a model boat in a pool, so there is certainly precedent for a little Hollywood sleight-of-hand.
The name of the film is Out Yonder.
Hi everyone -

I am in the process of restoring a silent film from 1919 that features a lighthouse.  Details of the film's production are somewhat sketchy - only that it was shot on location somewhere on the US East Coast (perhaps New England).  I assume that the lighthouse was not just a set piece and that it was an actual facility.  I am hoping to discover the identity of the lighthouse shown in the film and whether or not it still exists. 

I have attached a screen capture from the film to this post.  Thanks in advance for any assistance!  :)
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