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Travel center / Isle of Man lighthouses
April 11, 2014, 02:13:51 PM
Isle of Man is self-governing British Crown Dependency in Irish sea. It has rich lighthouse traditions, so i would like to share some pictures made during my trip.
On approach to Douglas (central city) you could see Douglas Head lighthouse:

And inside of Douglas Harbour - Battery Pier lighthouse:

Just a side of the harbour Refuge Tower with navigational light mounted on top

Small town Ramsey, north from Douglas, has two nice lighthouses in the entrance:
North pier:

and South pier:

New pier of famous tourists Castletown:

And Longeness lighthouse seen from same pier far away:

One more town Peel with Castle Pier lighthouse:

And Peel Breakwater lighthouse:

Port Erin Front range lighthouse:

And Ranglin Pier lighthouse:

That's not full set, just some of them i had chance to visit during short trip. But anyway this is great place to go for lighthouses hunt.
General Discussion / Lighthouse keepers :)
October 18, 2013, 10:25:05 AM
Some lighthouse keepers seen by me :)
Dog from Candelaria LH - Galicia
Cats live in Faro Cabo Cullera, near Valencia
News / Empty Albums
September 20, 2013, 07:24:37 PM
In total gallery has 241 albums
Empty are (in alphabetic order):
Arctic coast of Canada and Hudson bay
British Virgin Islands
Marshall Islands

Full map
Travel center / Orkney lighthouses
June 20, 2012, 08:38:55 AM
Recently i've made business trip to Orkney Islands (Scotland). This kind of paradise for LH funs - there are so many of them around the archipelago. So few tips about Orkney Lighthouses. As usial click on the thumbnail opens larger image.
Most popular and easiest to access - definitely lighthouse in Kirkwall. This is old Kirwall pier light, not used anymore:

Instead of it there is one more light in operation at the breakwater knuckle:

Next lighthouses are not so easy to get, need some transport. If you based on Mainland (central and biggest island) and have a car, you can see few of them. 
Brough of Birsay lighthouse, located in a walking distance from Birsay village on the north-west part of Mainland. It is located on small island, connected by pathway to Mainland. Access to this island is possible only during low tide.

Rose Ness lighthouse is located on the south-east point of Mainland. There is no road, but it is in the walking distance (around 10-15 min) from nearest farm.

Travel to north-east (direction to Deerness) and find any road heading to the east coast. You could see two lighthouses on the small islands. There is no any public transport to these islands, so simplest way is just to view them from coast of Mainland. These are:
Copinsay lighthouse

and Auskerry lighthouse, which is much far and seen only in clear weather:

Next target is Stromness - 2nd biggest city of Orkney. In walking distance from the city there is a Ness Point with nice pathway on the seaside. From this passway you could see Skerry of Ness lighthouse (just off-shore):

And more distant Hoy Sound low

And Hoy Sound High lighthouses

Both located on Graemsay island. If you want to get closer to them - you can take ferry trip to Graemsay from Stromness harbour.
Next target is South Ronaldsay island. You can get there by car via famous Churchill Barriers. South end of the island and you could see Lother Rock light:

and Muckle Skerry lighthouse (this is already not Orkney - Pentland Skerries)

Well, that's all you could get on Mainland. For next ones you need to take some ferries.
Ferry Houton - Lyness (which on the Hoy Island) crosses Scapa Flow and shows you Cava lighthouse:

And a bit far away Barrel of Butter lighthouse:

Also from Lyness you could see Cantick Head lighthouse, but maybe you'll have a chance to make better photo if you travel south on the Hoy island:

Ferry from Kirkwall to Shapinsay passes by Thieves Holm light (just outside of Kirkwall harbour)

and Helliar Holm lighthouse

Ferry Kirkwall - Stronsay comes near small Papa Stronsay light

Calf Sound lighthouse stays aside of regular ferry routes. I was lucky to get it - there was unusial ferry Stronsay - Westray, which came near it:

And the last in this trip brilliant Noup Head lighthouse located at the north tip of Westray island:

That was definitely not all Orkney's lighthouses, so i kept some of them maybe for next visit :)
Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals
This series of books provides extensive information on all lighthouses, lightships, lit floating marks (over 8m in height), fog signals and other lights of navigational significance.
Each publication also gives the characteristics of lights and fog signals, together with the equivalent foreign language light descriptions. Tables can be used to calculate the geographical and luminous ranges of lights. Details for all lights listed include the international number, location and/or name, geographical co-ordinates, characteristics and intensity, elevation in metres, range in sea miles and description of structure.
Travel center / Lighthouses of Sydney Harbour
May 01, 2012, 11:55:06 AM
Sydney harbour is very scenic area and it is really great place for lighthouses hunters :) Good way to see some of them is to take trip on Sydney Ferries from Sydney (main wharf is Circular Quay in the City) to Manly (suburb of Sydney).
First light on the way will be Fort Denison lighthouse, built in 1913 on the top of 19th century fort (all images below are clickable)

Robertson's Point (1910) is next one on the port side just after Fort Denison.

Next lighthouse is very simular to Robertson Point - Bradley's Head light:

Then to starboard of the ferry - Shark Island light:

In the middle of harbour two lighthouses constructed in the water. Red is Western Channel Pile Light:

And green - Eastern Channel Pile Light

All these lights are quite small - no more than 8-9 meters of elevation. But in the gateway to harbour there are 2 more "advanced" lights. First is Hornby (South Head Lower) Lighthouse, oldest in the area (1858):

And MacQuarie (South Head Upper) Lighthouse (highest and most powerful - range is 25 nm), constructed 1883:

Additionally in Sydney you could find 2 lights in National Australian Maritime museum (Darling Harbour).
First is Cape Bowling Lighthouse (1874, rellocated here in 1987):

And Lightship CLS-4 (Carpentaria) - she served from 1917 to 1987 in the Queensland:

And the last one very unisial:

Yes, you're right this is water tower. But additionaly it is included to the Admiralty list of lights as K2653 (red and white light, occulting every 3 seconds) :)
News / Search tips
March 02, 2012, 07:01:27 PM
If you are going to search particular light in our directory please read this simple manual.
1. Main search page could be found in menu.
2. You could try to find lighthouse by name, country, admiralty number, ARHLS number - just enter one or several words and click "Search".  For active lights admiralty number is preferable. For inactive - try ARHLS.

3. Try to use both local and english names in search query (sometimes names are written in local language, sometimes - in english).
4. Every lighthouse has keywords, which are also could be used in search. Usially keyword contains some geographic data like country, state or province, nearest city, sea, bay or any other water area. As additional there are some special keywords:
Historic: historic photo
Lightship: photo of lightvessel
Superbuoy: photo of superbuoy
Offshore: lighthouse is located off the coast
Vessel Traffic Service: VTS tower or radar tower
Sunset: photo made on the sunset
Night: photo made at night
Storm: photo made in rough seas
Winter: photo made in winter
Lamp: image contains lamp of the lighthouse
Lantern: image of the lantern
Interior: photo was made inside of the lighthouse
Plate: photo of the information plate
Full list of keywords could be found below the search settings.

5. Geographic search. If you want to find lighthouses in particular area - open album of area or country you want to review. In the header of album you could see link to google earth:

Clicking on this link will open standard google sattelite image with available lights marked on it. Clicking on the light opens thumbnail of the picture of this light. Clicking on the thumbnail opens page of this photo.
Travel center / Tallinn maritime museum
February 03, 2012, 02:03:53 PM
Was in Tallinn during New Year holidays and visited Estonian Maritime museum.
There are many interesting lighthouse related staff exposed there, here are most interesting:
This is fog bell of the estonian lightship Hiiumadal:

The ship was sunk by german torpedo-boat off the island Hiiumaa 22.06.1941. Wreck was located and bell salvaged in 1994.
Also is interesting to see copy of Baltic sea navigational chart with lighthouses made in 1820:

Among old photos of lighthouses there are some models (some of them could seen in real here:

Here you could see the process of construction of the K├Ápu lighthouse in 1500-1530:

This lighthouse is one of the oldest in the world and still exist:

Also in the museum there is a part of real Fresnel lense from one of the lighthouses:

And in the top of the museum tower there is a real lantern from Suurupi upper lighthouse, installed there in 1998 (Was in service since 1951):

Hope you enjoyed these photos.
News / New site functions
October 29, 2011, 10:27:51 AM
Updates related to new functions of the site:

20 Dec 2023: 50.000 photos, 10 million views

01 Jun 2021:  mass update of all engine versions

02 feb 2019: secure version of site

15 oct 2018: update of geo-functions

1 dec 2017: 30.000 photos, 5,1 million views

30 Nov 2016: 25.000 photos, 4.3 million views

24 Nov 2016: Blog started

23 mar 2016: 1000 followers in Instagram

18 dec 2015: Web-Server upgrade

1 nov 2015: 20.000 photos 3.885.000 views

26 oct 2015: instagram account added

1 july 2015: mobile version of the site is running

20 apr 2015: improvement of e-mail features

12 may 2014: 10.000 photos and 1.1 million of page views

25 apr 2014: serious performance improvements

20 apr 2014: new version of gallery engine installation

30 oct 2013: Added Hot Pictures function

28 sept 2013: 2 years of site operation. 6400 photos, 230.000 views, 2300 twitter followers.

9 aug 2013: added geotag to single picture page, file replacer plugin and anti-duplicate plugin

27 may 2013: new html5 upload and slideshow plugins

26 may 2013: 150.000 views, 2000 followers in twitter

4 may 2013: 5000 photos

10 jan 2013: 100.000 views, 4100+ photos

28 sept 2012:  1 year of the site running. 3600+ photos, 15k visitors

25 july 2012: 50.000 views in total

1 june 2012: Change to new hosting server

14 mar 2012: 1000+ followers in twitter

8 mar 2012: Geo plugin modification. Adding of world map page.

7 feb 2012: slightly changed thumbnail preview caption

6 feb 2012: 2000 photos

29 jan 2012: Added SPAM prevention actions.

20 jan 2012: Adjust search page interface: removed unnecessary fields, changed view options.

9 jan 2012: Template modifications for single page image.

29 dec 2011: We are on the Facebook pages, Facebook groups and Twitter!

18 dec 2011: Added users ranks in gallery profiles.

18 dec 2011: Added "download" link to photo description. Available only for registered users.

7 dec 2011: added "add to favorites" button to photo panel.

6 dec 2011: 1000 photos!
Many thanks for everybody who participate in uploading: cwbash, captainpet, Hans de Graaf, mylights, VTS, trevor747, Bob Smith, allgramps, DEREK SANDS, phantom53, ichbien, DLilley, kossiopeia, stalker, b47b56, Drusha14, Coral Reef, tata, Koral, celticknight and also other many people who sent me own photos.

2 dec 2011: Added off number to thumbnail view.  Reconfiguration of the single image display page.

27 nov 2011: Adjusted File information table for single image page.

23 nov 2011: Added facebook comments at image page

17 nov 2011: Added registration via Facebook and Twitter

17 nov 2011: Added quick reply BBCode bar

17 nov 2011: Added login security (5 unsuccessful password tries lock account for 15 minutes)

17 nov 2011: Added multi-language support of forum

17 nov 2011: Added "links" chapter

17 nov 2011: Added redirection to gallery on login

15 nov 2011: Got 500 images

8 nov 2011: added 2nd level for US/Canada/Australia/Russia

7 nov 2011: added RECAPTCHA to gallery comments (for anonymous users only) to avoid SPAM.

1 nov 2011: Added BBcode panel to comment field.

29 oct 2011:
Added RSS stream in gallery: you can receive all updates by RSS now ( on the bottom of main gallery page)
Added support of embedded media (i.e. youtube) to forum pages

23 oct 2011:
Added automated sharpening of thumbnails and medium sized photos

07 oct 2011:
Added extended navigation between pictures (using keyboard and mouse)

03 oct 2011:
Added links to social networks for photos
Added Google Earth positioning of the photos

30 sept 2011:
Added forum

28 sept 2011:
Gallery started
General Discussion / Links for Lighthouse resourses
October 23, 2011, 10:40:11 AM
Links moved to a separate page.

News / FAQ
October 01, 2011, 08:24:43 PM
Q: Why to collect such photos?
A: Last years i've visited many lighthouses due to my job, so i put it to the Internet. But looking in general i understood that many lighthouses became relict in epoch of electronic navigation. Many of them are currently being removed from operation and simply abandoned. So i think it's a good idea to take and store photos while they still exist in order to save them as legacy.

Q: Does everybody can upload own photo?
A: I reviewed many lighthouse galleries i found that all of them are based on the home page of one person who fill it and update it regularly. And if this person busy/not interesting anymore - site start to degrade very soon. There are many sites with photos, which are simply abandoned and will never updated anymore. That's the thing i'm trying to avoid. As you may be see, last years internet significally changed. Before it was based on "individuals" who created and supported own sites. Now we're living in Web2.0 times - everything now based on the communities, social networking, so users doesn't like simply read or watch, but prefer to participate in site life. That's what i tried to make - you can upload photo, add comments, speak with another users, rate another photos etc. And this is best way to keep site up-to-date - even if i'll stop to upload anything - site will be filled by another amateurs and this is great.

Q: Can i upload photo, if photos of same lighthouse of another authors are already present?
A: Yes, photos of same lighthouses, made by different authors are very welcome. We can compare which one is better :)

Q: Is it commercial project?
A: No. Membership is free and not expected to be paid. If project will be successfully grow, it could be added some banner advertising and voluntary donation options to get some money for extension. At the moment it is completely private project holding by only me.

Q: Is there are some limits for number of photos uploaded by user?
A: No. Technically we're limited only hosting space.

Q: Can i upload all lighthouses photos i have?
A: Yes, but please note - it should be your own photos, or photos for which you have permission to use, we don't want copyright problems.

Q: Do i transfer copyright of my photos to site owner?
A: No, you still hold all the rights for your photos and could delete them from gallery if you want.   

Q: Is it possible to get latest uploaded photos by RSS?
A: Yes add this link to your RSS-aggregator

Q: How to add my photo to Google Maps?
A: Unfortunately this function is available for Administrator only due to site engine limitations. But don't worry, it will be added by him just 1-2 days after upload.

Q: What if i don't know information about lighthouse?
A: No probs, just fill what you know, all other we'll add from our databases.

Q: What are the principles of the albums assignments?
A: Most of the countries contain of one album for all lighthouses. For the countries with extended coast line and many pictures in the gallery, their albums were split to several areas. Such splits generally don't correspond to the country administrative division, but sometimes they are inline with it. Claimed, disputed and self-declared territories often has own dedicated album. Please note, that we are far away from political disputes or territorial claims, therefore this separation of the pictures to albums is just conventional way to arrange the photos. If you feel that there is the better way to re-arrange the photos - please inform us via contact form.
News / Terms and Conditions. Please read carefully!
September 29, 2011, 05:51:43 PM
This site is intended to create collection of photos of lighthouses around the world. You should follow the Terms and Conditions if you want to use the site:

What is allowed to upload to this site:

  • Active or deactivated lighthouses and navigational lights, their remnants or historic photos (to the countries albums or if you don't know where this object located to special album Non-Identified Lighthouses)
  • Lamps, lanterns and photos of lighthouses interior (to the countries albums)
  • Significant maritime coastal infrustructure objects: Port Control and Vessel Traffic Service towers, Radar control towers (to the countries albums)
  • Fog horns, sirens, bells and other coastal sound signals systems (to the countries albums)
  • Significant daymarks / beacons build specially for aid-to-navigation purposes but not lit (to the countries albums)
  • Lightships (to the countries albums)
  • Museum exhibit related to lighthouses (to the special album Museum exhibit)
  • Banknotes and coins with images of lighthouses (to special album Banknotes)
  • Paintings, sculptures and any other art objects with lighthouses (to special album Lighthouses in Art)
  • Stamps with lighthouses images (to special album Stamps with Lighthouses)
  • Any other interesting stuff related to lighthouses (to special album Stuff with Lighthouses)
  • Non significant daymarks, buoys and other minor aids-to-navigation (to special album Aids-to-Navigation except lighthouses - generally this album almost not moderating)

Requirements for uploaded photos:

  • Minimal resolution 640 x 480 pixels, maximum 4096 x 4096 pixels.
  • Maximum file size 6 Mb
  • Photo should have good quality and lighthouse should be main subject of it.
  • Not allowed to upload more than 6 photos of same lighthouse made in same time.
  • Photo should be aligned to horizon.
  • Description fields should be filled as much as possible. Primary language is English. Local names are allowed, but if local name significantly different from English one please provide both.
  • If photo doesn't contain date in EXIF (extended information added by modern digital cameras) or doesn't have visible timestamp - please provide information when this photo was made in the description.
  • Photo copyright must be respected. You can upload only your own photos, photos of public domain or photos for which you have permission of the author.
Photos doesn't corresponded to this rules could be deleted by Administrators. Exceptions of these rules are possible for valuable photos and leaving at the Administrator's judgement.
Uploaded photos can be used in the social network accounts of such as twitter, facebook and some others. In this case it is not always possible to keep your username associated to the photo, but link to is always present in the account profile.

Usage of photos:
If you want to use any photos of another user, uploaded to this site, for any purposes, you should obtain permission of author unless otherwise stated in the photo description. You can ask this permission using personal messages of the forum.

Please note: information on this site is unofficial and could not be used in navigation.

Rules of behavior:
Site administration team can remove the content or block the user (temporary or forever) in case of violation one or several rules indicated below.

No inappropriate content:
Inappropriate content is any content which we deem is not fit to be displayed on this website. By content we mean anything that you publish on this website, for example posts, signatures, in photos or in private messages. Inappropriate content includes but is not limited to that which is:

  • Vulgar or graphic
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  • Invasive of a person's privacy

Keep things legal
We ask that you don't bring illegal topics onto this forum. While it's acceptable for such topics to be included as an element to a discussion please set boundaries and keep a distance from discussions that might be incriminating. Examples of what should not be brought into discussions here:

  • Specific methods or sources of piracy
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  • Public acknowledgment of potentially illegal acts committed, including piracy
  • Actions that imply illegal conduct

No spamming or irrelevant advertising
Spam: Pointless posts with little relevance to the topic
Irrelevant advertising: promotion of products or services that are not related to the topic

No personal attacks or abusive behavior
Each and every member on this forum has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, any actions which contravene this will result in severe consequences. The following behavior is not acceptable:

  • Personal attacks - Any insulting or abusive behavior that is directed at a specific person.
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The following is not welcome:

  • Bumping old threads (necroposting) without good reason
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    Do not use "help me," "hello," "error" or similar vague titles.
  • Post in the incorrect (irrelevant topic) forum
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  • No duplicate accounts - duplicate accounts will be banned and you risk your main account being banned too.
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For other questions please see FAQ or ask administrator
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