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Are you anything like an expert on Korean lights, fluorite?

I have a list of optics installed by Chance Brothers between 1905-1909 and I cannot identify the present-day names of at least ten of them. The names I have correspond with those listed by Reginald Harding in a report he wrote for the Korean Lighthouse Board, so they weren't just Chance nicknames!

Quote from: fluorite on October 12, 2018, 05:20:25 AM
The father of Korea lighthouse,
John McLeavy Brown and John Reginald Harding (1858 ~~ 1921)

John McLeavy Brown invited John Reginald Harding to Korea,

John Reginald Harding (1858 ~~ 1921)
A welsh architect and engineer who was Engineer in Chief of the Chinese Imperial
Customs Service under Robert Hart in 1899 he visited Korea, where he worked with
John McLeavy Brown, advising on lighthouse and developing the harbour at
Mokp'o, In 1903 he was appointed consultant engineer to the Korea Lighthouse Board,
toured the country and selected sites for 29 lighthouses, preparing designs and
specifications, He designed the western style Sokcho jon in the Toksu Palace,

lighthouses built by John Reginald Harding,

Hajodo Lighthouse,  1903
Budo Lighthouse,  1904
Chilbaldo Lighthouse,  1905
Geomundo Lighthouse, 1905
Hongdo (Gyeongsang) Lighthouse,  1906
Yeongdo Lighthouse, 1906,
The old Ulgi lighthouse was built in 1906.
The old Udo lighthouse, was built in 1906,
Gageodo Lighthouse,  1907
Jukdo Lighthouse,  1907
Oebyeongdo Lighthouse,  1907
Sihado Lighthouse,  1907
Mokpogu Lighthouse, 1908,
Gadeokdo Lighthouse, 1909,
old Dangsado lighthouse, 1909,
Sorido Lighthouse,  1910
Eoryongdo Lighthouse,  1910
Jukbyeon Lighthouse,  1910
Mokdeokdo Lighthouse,  1910
Chongjin lighthouse, 1910,
Eocheongdo Lighthouse, 1912

do you think so ?
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