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Dadan islet lighthouse, 24°23'21.1"N 118°09'49.7"E

Dadan islet lighthouse, 1888, Infer the builder was David Marr Henderson,
Sixth Fresnel lens comes from Barbier, Benard, et Turenne,
However,  due to the August 23, 1958,  after Artillery barrage by the PLA,  be left over its foundation only.
News / Re: TW-31190 P4626.41 no use anymore
June 03, 2019, 03:22:30 AM
Yuanzhong Gang,
TW-31290 =  P4626.13
Alex, your web page,
P4626.13 no use anymore,
News / TW-31190 P4626.41 no use anymore
June 03, 2019, 03:08:16 AM
TW-31190 = P4626.41 no use anymore,

Taiwan Navy report that :
Notice to mariners NO.44 -- List of Lights Comparison Table
down load PDF file, page 4/7
TW-31190 11th Edition

P4626.41 no use anymore,
Bergwind, your photo
your light not active,

Alex, your web page,
P4626.41 no use anymore,
General Discussion / lamp used on a lightship
November 13, 2018, 02:55:42 AM
I don't understand the structure of a lightship,
what type of lamp did they used on a lightship ?
did they have a mercury pool under the glass lamp ?
when the ship is shaking, the mercury pool also shaking ?
Do you know ?
David Marr Henderson

1872, Henderson built the Dongju islet lighthouse, Admiralty P3634,
1875, Henderson built the Cape D'Aguilar lighthouse, Admiralty P3576,
Henderson worked for the Imperial Maritime Customs Service from 1869 to 1898,
1875 ~ 1905, built the Green Island lighthouse, Admiralty P3538,

they moved the lantern from Cape D'Aguilar to Green Island,
disassembly in 1896, installed in 1905,
so we think that Henderson was informed,
General Discussion / Re: List of Hong Kong lights?
November 10, 2018, 03:49:41 AM
HK-056 = Admiralty P3524  Fan Lau
HK-058 = Admiralty P3526  Lung Kwu Chau
HK-062 = Admiralty P3530.6  Tang Lung Chau (Kap Sing)
HK-066 = Admiralty P3534.22
HK-067 = Admiralty P3534.2
HK-068 = Admiralty P3534.3
HK-069 = Admiralty P3538  Green Island (Tsing Chau)
HK-073 = Admiralty P3534.24
HK-085 = Admiralty P3537.7
HK-086 = Admiralty P3577.1  Ngan Chau
HK-087 = Admiralty P3571.51 do you think so ?
HK-088 = Admiralty P3568 do you think so ?
HK-089 = Admiralty P3570  A Kung Ngam
HK-090 = Admiralty P3572  Hak Kok Tau
HK-092 = Admiralty P3574  Lam Tong Mei
HK-094 = Admiralty P3575.4  Tai Long Pa
HK-098 = Admiralty P3577.46  Shek Kok Tsui
HK-099 = Admiralty P3577.5  O Tsai Pai
HK-100 = Admiralty P3577.7
HK-101 = Admiralty P3577.6   Fo Yeuk Chau
HK-102 = Admiralty P3578   Waglan Island (Wang Lan To)
HK-103 = Admiralty P3578.3  Shek Ngau Chau
HK-109 = Admiralty P3527.6  do you think so ?
HK-118 = Admiralty P3578.4  Wong Mau Chau
HK-125 = Admiralty P3576.8   Lo Chau
HK-126 = Admiralty P3576.6  Po Toi
HK-127 = Admiralty P3567  do you think so ?
HK-128 = Admiralty P3580.95  Fan Tsang Chau
HK-129 = Admiralty P3577.8  do you think so ?
HK-131 = Admiralty P3523.4
HK-132 = Admiralty P3577.44  Pak Kok
HK-136 = Admiralty P3580.4  do you think so ?
HK-148 = Admiralty P3573
HK-152 = Admiralty P3548  do you think so ?
HK-158 = Admiralty P3576  Cape D'Aguilar (Hok Tsui)
HK-159 = Admiralty P3575
HK-161 = Admiralty P3580.84 
HK-162 = Admiralty P3580.8 
HK-168 = Admiralty P3553.3  do you think so ?
HK-185 = Admiralty P3527.73  do you think so ?
HK-186 = Admiralty P3527.74  do you think so ?
HK-187 = Admiralty P3527.72  do you think so ?
HK-188 = Admiralty P3527.7  do you think so ?
HK-189 = Admiralty P3527.66  do you think so ?
HK-194 = Admiralty P3571.8,
HK-195 = Admiralty P3577.64 Lung Shan Pai
HK-200 = Admiralty P3575.6  Pak Kwo Chau
HK-205 = Admiralty P3523.23  do you think so ? 
HK-222 = Admiralty P3560.6
HK-246 = Admiralty P3536 do you think so ?
HK-247 = Admiralty P3536.2
HK-269 = Admiralty P3571.5
HK-275 = Admiralty P3548.2  do you think so ?
HK-276 = Admiralty P3548.3  do you think so ?
HK-278 = Admiralty P3545.75  do you think so ?
HK-279 = Admiralty P3545.7  do you think so ?
HK-280 = Admiralty P3545.75  do you think so ?
HK-283 = Admiralty P3560.55
General Discussion / Re: List of Hong Kong lights?
November 10, 2018, 03:38:01 AM
HK-005 = Admitalty P3569
HK-052 = Admiralty P3521.6
HK-053 = Admiralty P3521.83
HK-054 = Admiralty P3522
HK-055 = Admiralty P3523
HK-060 = Admiralty P3530
HK-061 = Admiralty P3532
HK-063 = Admiralty P3534
HK-072 = Admiralty P3527.8
HK-074 = Admiralty P3527.82
HK-075 = Admiralty P3527.84
HK-076 = Admiralty P3527.86
HK-080 = Admiralty P3553
HK-081 = Admiralty P3537.6
HK-082 = Admiralty P3531
HK-091 = Admiralty P3573.6
HK-097 = Admiralty P3577.4
HK-107 = Admiralty P3528
HK-121 = Admiralty P3521.8
HK-122 = Admiralty P3521.54
HK-130 = Admiralty P3577.84
HK-133 = Admirakty P3562.6
HK-135 = Admiralty P3580.5
HK-142 = Admiralty P3532.2
HK-143 = Admiralty P3532.3
HK-144 = Admiralty P3529.5
HK-149 = Admiralty P3553.6
HK-150 = Admiralty P3562.5
HK-157 = Admiralty P3562.55
HK-163 = Admiralty P3537.8
HK-164 = Admiralty P3541.3
HK-177 = Admiralty P3522.3
HK-181 = Admiralty P3521.66
HK-184 = Admiralty P3574.5
HK-188 = Admiralty P3527.7
HK-190 = Admiralty P3541
HK-196 = Admiralty P3571.72
HK-198 = Admiralty P3577.68
HK-199 = Admiralty P3577.86
HK-203 = Admiralty P3523.2
HK-204 = Admiralty P3523.22
HK-206 = Admiralty P3523.24
HK-207 = Admiralty P3523.25
HK-266 = Admiralty P3580.55
HK-270 = Admiralty P3571.53
HK-271 = Admiralty P3571.55
HK-272 = Admiralty P3571.58
HK-279 = Admiralty P3545.7
HK-281 = Admiralty P3560.65
HK-282 = Admiralty P3560.6
HK-284 = Admiralty P3560.5
HK-286 = Admiralty P3532.25
HK-287 = Admiralty P3529.3
HK-308 = Admiralty P3525.15
HK-349 = Admiralty P3571.52
HK-381 = Admiralty P3521.925
HK-382 = Admiralty P3521.92
HK-383 = Admiralty P3521.915
HK-385 = Admiralty P3521.905
HK-386 = Admiralty P3521.9
HK-387 = Admiralty P3521.93
HK-397 = Admiralty P3573.3
HK-398 = Admiralty P3573.32
HK-399 = Admiralty P3573.34
HK-400 = Admiralty P3573.36
HK-424 = Admiralty P3525.24
HK-425 = Admiralty P3525.25
Lighthouse design by James Walker

West Usk Lighthouse,
Start Point lighthouse,
Maplin Sands Lighthouse,
Wolf Rock beacon and lighthouse,
South Foreland Lighthouse,
Trevose Head Lighthouse,
Gunfleet Lighthouse,
Whitby Lighthouse,
Bishop Rock lighthouse,
Needles Lighthouse,
Juelssand lighthouse, is 35km away,

Bergwind, You missed it !
Wittenbergen Unterfeuer is easy to reach by bicycle, no necessary rent a car,
Ellerholzhafen lighthouse is so easy to reach by bicycle, no necessary rent a car,
Blankenese Low Lighthouse,
Leuchtturm Unterfeuer Blankenese is easy to reach by bicycle, no necessary rent a car,
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