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DE-8638999 is not a German lighthouse!  ;)
DE-7091413 and DE-6650068 is Stabenhuk, C1286 ! ;)
Travel center / Lost lighthouse on Menorca
October 14, 2019, 12:28:19 PM
Menorca is a wonderful place for lighthouse lovers. 7 great lighthouses are accessible easily by car! Now the question for our spanish lighthouse friends ! I have made a picture at a roundabout in Mahon. In the middle is a lighthouse lantern. The tourist information in Mahon could not answer my question about the origin of this lantern. Might it be the lost Mahon lighthouse listed in Lighthouse Dictionary?
Had a short discussion with captainpet about the choice of cameras to make great pictures of our lighthouses. Maybe we can discuss on a broader basis.
I prefer small cameras, low weight, to stuck it in my pants pocket. Now I use a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX 90V. I like this small camera, but the disadvantage is, these compact cameras can not achieve a greater zoom. The Sony has a 30 zoom. More would be better... ;)
News / Today is National Lighthouse Day
August 07, 2019, 12:35:29 PM
Congratulation all users of World of Lighthouses, we celebrate today the National Lighthouse Day ! More informations: ! :)
I have seen more than 2700 lighthouses around the world, but  I was rarely so impressed as I was from the Lindesnes Lighthouse. Adventure world Lindesnes fyr !
The lighthouse is a protected site of cultural heritage in Norway. It is easy to reach by road, parking provided.
There is a visitor center with multimedia shows, restaurant, gift shop and well preserved historic buildings. Entrance fee is about 8 € ! It is open from May till October. So the lighthouse is  one of most known Norwegian lighthouses!
I was happy to have seen this great lighthouse. :)
DSC 09044 is  B2930. The ferry has another position in comparison to other pictures!
DSC 09040 is  B2948.
Shortly before our ferry arrival in Kristiansand, Norway I have made a lot of pictures. Now I cannot identify two lights! :(
The pictures were made after passage of Oksoy lighthouse.
Picture 9039, Senskjer ?, B2948, GPS Data 58.098073, 8.047171
Picture 9044, think, thats not Kinn,  GPS 58.092311, 8.055625
Thanks, Dmitry, I try to contact the marina in Charlottetown!
Long time ago I tried to found out anything about this lighthouse. Is it a false lighthouse , a replica ? Geo position: 46°13'49.0"N 63°07'20.8"W
Also the large list of German lights from Erich Hartmann does not list this light. I think, you have checked already! :( 
Fantastic! :) I will upload the lights someday!  Thanks
I have found another picture and this shows 4 lights, you are right!Two lights have a  different appearence, under construction? Hard to find exact Admiralty number!  :(
Online list of lights shows four similar lights in front of Plymouth Breakwater lighthouse. This seems to be the situation 13 years ago! Now there are only 3 lights. Who can identify? ;)
I have no experience about German lighthouse history. I suppose, there is no father of German lighthouses. A pretty short history about lighthouses you can find by , but you have to translate! ;)
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