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General Discussion / Eiffel lighthouses
February 22, 2022, 02:26:14 AM
Eiffel lighthouses

1867, Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Admiralty A1712
1874, Ristna Lighthouse, Admiralty C3744
1909, Nosy Iranja Lighthouse, Admiralty D7056

do you know any other ?

D2016, do you thin so ?
foi inaugurado em 1866, Farol de Esposendo, Admiralty D2016
Lighthouse postcards wiki with Thumbnail

World Lighthouse Postcard Expo
34 countries participated in the exhibition,
Lighthouse postcards wiki with Thumbnail

Russia and Crimea exhibition hall,
General Discussion / lighthouse mercury earthquake
January 23, 2022, 04:10:59 AM
(1) Borinquen Lighthouse, Puerto Rico,
Earthquakes continued to affect Point Borinquen Lighthouse even in its new location.
On August 18, 1925, an earthquake extinguished the light and caused some of the mercury used to revolve the lens
to slosh out onto the lantern room floor.

(2) Nakkehoved lighthouse,
During the earthquake in 2008, Nakkehoved lighthouse in Gilleleje, Denmark, wobbled so much that some of the 30 litres of mercury leaked out. Naturally, this resulted in an order from the environmental authorities to remove the old mercury in its entirety.

(3) Cape North Lighthouse,
An earthquake on July 3, 2010 caused a mercury spill within the lighthouse, resulting in a temporary closure and a cleanup that cost thousands of dollars,
General Discussion / Tylön lighthouse
January 18, 2022, 11:42:34 AM
Tylön lighthouse, Phare de Tylön,
on Tylön island, in Sweden,
56° 38′ 48″ N, 12° 42′ 34″ E
N/Admiralty number,  ARLHS SWE399
no lamp, no Feux,
on postcard,

sometime paint white colour, sometime paint red colour,
Travel center / Korea lighthouse passport
November 22, 2021, 07:18:36 AM
Korea lighthouse passport

Korea lighthouse passport 2022,

This event will be held from October to December 31, 2022,
The 15 lighthouses are Ganjeolgot, Dokdo, Marado, Somamuldo, Socheongdo, Sokcho, Eocheongdo, Yeongdo, Odongdo, Ongdo, Udo, Ulgi, Palmido, Homigot, and Hongdo.

The Korea Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries,
The Korea Lighthouse Museum website (
Travel center / Vietnam lighthouse with coordinates
October 31, 2021, 01:05:18 AM
Vietnam lighthouse with coordinates,

Hòn Dấu hải đăng, 1894, Admiralty F3236, N20°39.99'  E106°48.97'
Long Châu Đảo Hải đăng, 1894, Admiralty F3232, N20°37.35'  E107°9.55'
Quản Tượng hải đăng, 1903, Admiralty F3206, N16°7.34'  E108°12.83'
Tiên Sa hải đăng, 1903, Admiralty F3204, N16°8.39'  E108°19.34'
Cù Lao Xanh Hải đăng, 1904, Admiralty F3158, N13°36.87'  E109°21.47'
Đại Lãnh Hải đăng, 1904,  Admiralty F3154, N12°53.8'  E109°27.42'
Hòn Lớn Hải Đăng, 1890, Admiralty F3148, N12°11.663'  E109°20.046'
Mũi Dinh hải đăng, 1904, Admiralty F3122, N11°21.74'  E109°0.84
Kê Gà hải đăng, 1900, Admiralty F3116, N10°41.71'  E107°59.49'
Cần Giờ hải đăng, 1864, Admiralty F3082, N10°24.09'  E107°0.84'
Vũng Tàu hải đăng, 1862, 1913, Admiralty F3066, N10°20.04'  E107°4.66'
Which one lighthouse printed on Norwegian banknotes ?
50 Norwegian Kroner banknote,
Utvær Lighthouse ?
Admiralty P3814, Leuchtturm Tscha-lien-tau

Leuchtturm Tscha-lien-tau, tau is islet,
built by German, turn on the light in Oct., 1903, kerosene lamp,
Aug., 1914, Japanese troop come to here,
German blasting Lighthouse, retreats to Qingdao,
rebuit in Aug., 1915,
July 31, 1945, American plane come to here, bombs and one petrol bomb, destroys the lighthouse,
rebuilt in Aug., 1948,

Chaolian Dao Summit lighthouse, Dao is islet,
35°53'41.2"N 120°52'51.9"E
Quote from: fluorite on October 12, 2018, 05:20:25 AM
The father of Korea lighthouse,
John Reginald Harding (1858 ~~ 1921)

lighthouses built by John Reginald Harding,

Hajodo Lighthouse,  1909,  Admiralty M4246
Budo Lighthouse,  1904, Admiralty M4158
Chilbaldo Lighthouse,  1905
Geomundo Lighthouse, 1905
Hongdo (Gyeongsang) Lighthouse,  1906
Yeongdo Lighthouse, 1906,
The old Ulgi lighthouse was built in 1906.
The old Udo lighthouse, was built in 1906,
Gageodo Lighthouse,  1907
Jukdo Lighthouse,  1907
Oebyeongdo Lighthouse,  1907
Sihado Lighthouse,  1907
Mokpogu Lighthouse, 1908,
Gadeokdo Lighthouse, 1909,
old Dangsado lighthouse, 1909,
Sorido Lighthouse,  1910
Eoryongdo Lighthouse,  1910
Jukbyeon Lighthouse,  1910
Mokdeokdo Lighthouse,  1910
Chongjin lighthouse, 1910,
Eocheongdo Lighthouse, 1912

do you think so ?

Ancient lighthouses, north of 38 degrees north latitude,

lighthouses built by John Reginald Harding,

Suwon Dan lighthouse,
38 42 00  128 23 30
38°42'00.0"N 128°23'30.0"E
old name Suon Kutchi lighthouse,
Admiralty M4461, station established 1906,

Chongjin lighthouse,
41 44 50  129 52 10
41°44'50.0"N 129°52'10.0"E
old name Komarusan Kutchii Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4540, station established 1910, Active,

Soho lighthouse,
39 48 21  127 39 36
39°48'21.0"N 127°39'36.0"E
old name Moisyeeva Port Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4506, station established 1911, Active,

Musu Dan lighthouse,
40 49 35  129 44 20
40°49'35.0"N 129°44'20.0"E
old name Musu Kutchil Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4530, station established 1911, Active,

Wonsan breakwater lighthouse,
39 10 35  127 26 00
39°10'35.0"N 127°26'00.0"E
old name Gensang breakwater light,
Admiralty M4480, station established date unknown, rebuilt 2009,

Songjin Peninsula lighthouse,
40 39 30  129 12 30
40°39'30.0"N 129°12'30.0"E
old name Kilchu Peninsula Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4516, station established date unknown, Active,

41 23 00  129 47 30
41°23'00.0"N 129°47'30.0"E
old name Cape Kozakof Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4534, station established date unknown, Active,
Orang Dan lighthouse,

Dong Hang lighthouse,
41 46 37  129 49 47
41°46'37.0"N 129°49'47.0"E
old name Chonjin Bay N. Breakwater Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4544,

39 12 06  127 28 32
39°12'06.0"N 127°28'32.0"E
old name Karumappo Port Lighthouse,
Admiralty no record,

Kimchaek lighthouse,
40 39 48  129 12 01
40°39'48.0"N 129°12'01.0"E
old name Song Chin Lighthouse,
Admiralty no record,

before 1912, lighthouses built by John Reginald Harding, do you think so ?

after 1912, lighthouses built by Japanese, do you think so ?

Mayang islet lighthouse,
39 59 40  128 12 20
39°59'40.0"N 128°12'20.0"E
old name Mayan To Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4510, station established 1913, Active,

Nan Do lighthouse,
42 13 45  130 31 25
42°13'45.0"N 130°31'25.0"E
old name Chosan Bay Nan To Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4570, station established 1915, Active,

Ijin Man lighthouse,
42 04 37  130 07 25
42°04'37.0"N 130°07'25.0"E
old name Ijin Rock Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4556, station established 1916, Active,

Sokkun Som lighthouse,
39 17 16  127 33 46
39°17'16.0"N 127°33'46.0"E
old name Defosses Port Lighthouse,
Admiralty M4488, station established 1919,
News / TW-31190 P4626.41 no use anymore
June 03, 2019, 03:08:16 AM
TW-31190 = P4626.41 no use anymore,

Taiwan Navy report that :
Notice to mariners NO.44 -- List of Lights Comparison Table
down load PDF file, page 4/7
TW-31190 11th Edition

P4626.41 no use anymore,
Bergwind, your photo
your light not active,

Alex, your web page,
P4626.41 no use anymore,
General Discussion / lamp used on a lightship
November 13, 2018, 02:55:42 AM
I don't understand the structure of a lightship,
what type of lamp did they used on a lightship ?
did they have a mercury pool under the glass lamp ?
when the ship is shaking, the mercury pool also shaking ?
Do you know ?
Bunthäuser Spitze Lighthouse is easy to reach by bicycle, no necessary rent a car,
How did you ranking lighthouses by visitor numbers ?

Cape Byron Lighthouse, more than 500,000 visitors per year.
Hook Lighthouse, 210,000 visitors, In 2016 we saw with visitor numbers of 250,000,

do you know any other ?
General Discussion / The father of Australia lighthouse
October 11, 2018, 09:09:25 PM
James Barnet, he built 20 lighthouses, he is the father of Australia lighthouse, do you think so ?
Macquarie Lighthouse, Smoky Cape Lighthouse, Sugarloaf Point Light Station, Barranjoey Head lighthouse,
Green Cape lighthouse, Richmond River Lighthouse, Clarence River Lighthouse, Tacking Point Lighthouse,
Crowdy Head Lighthouse, Fingal Head Lighthouse,

do you have the complete list of Australis lighthouse built by James Barnet ?
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