lighthouse mercury earthquake

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(1) Borinquen Lighthouse, Puerto Rico,
Earthquakes continued to affect Point Borinquen Lighthouse even in its new location.
On August 18, 1925, an earthquake extinguished the light and caused some of the mercury used to revolve the lens
to slosh out onto the lantern room floor.

(2) Nakkehoved lighthouse,
During the earthquake in 2008, Nakkehoved lighthouse in Gilleleje, Denmark, wobbled so much that some of the 30 litres of mercury leaked out. Naturally, this resulted in an order from the environmental authorities to remove the old mercury in its entirety.

(3) Cape North Lighthouse,
An earthquake on July 3, 2010 caused a mercury spill within the lighthouse, resulting in a temporary closure and a cleanup that cost thousands of dollars,


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Human beings are ignorant and do not know that mercury is a poisonous substance,
World War II, Japanese soldiers invaded China,
When the Chinese troops retreated, they blew up the lighthouse,
German soldiers invaded Crimea, Ukrainian troops blew up lighthouse,
Lest the lighthouse become an observatory for the German artillery,
This leads to mercury pollution,

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