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Started by mitko, February 03, 2012, 02:03:53 PM

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Was in Tallinn during New Year holidays and visited Estonian Maritime museum.
There are many interesting lighthouse related staff exposed there, here are most interesting:
This is fog bell of the estonian lightship Hiiumadal:

The ship was sunk by german torpedo-boat off the island Hiiumaa 22.06.1941. Wreck was located and bell salvaged in 1994.
Also is interesting to see copy of Baltic sea navigational chart with lighthouses made in 1820:

Among old photos of lighthouses there are some models (some of them could seen in real here:

Here you could see the process of construction of the K├Ápu lighthouse in 1500-1530:

This lighthouse is one of the oldest in the world and still exist:

Also in the museum there is a part of real Fresnel lense from one of the lighthouses:

And in the top of the museum tower there is a real lantern from Suurupi upper lighthouse, installed there in 1998 (Was in service since 1951):

Hope you enjoyed these photos.
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Very nice foto 's



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