Lego for Lighthouse fans

Recently I’ve got great gift for my birthday – lighthouse from Lego collection. I would like to share few pictures how does it look like.

It’s actually a great stuff, many thanks for designers, who seems dived deeply into real lighthouses constructions:

The start of the process is to build a basement including motor, batteries and rocks around.

Note that it’s a lot of non-square angles, unusual for standard Lego pieces:

Next step is to make a keeper’s house. Looks how detailed it made inside!
Put the house to the basement and go to next step…

Construct the tower. Don’t think that it’s so simple, it can take hours ­čÖé

Almost looks like lighthouse already! Next floor:

Most complicated part – lens. Yes, there is a rotating Fresnel lens inside:

And finally all here!

Bonus picture of the keeper ­čÖé

As resume – viva Lego, this is a great gift for everybody who loves lighthouses!

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