Isle of Man lighthouses

Started by mitko, April 11, 2014, 02:13:51 PM

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Isle of Man is self-governing British Crown Dependency in Irish sea. It has rich lighthouse traditions, so i would like to share some pictures made during my trip.
On approach to Douglas (central city) you could see Douglas Head lighthouse:

And inside of Douglas Harbour - Battery Pier lighthouse:

Just a side of the harbour Refuge Tower with navigational light mounted on top

Small town Ramsey, north from Douglas, has two nice lighthouses in the entrance:
North pier:

and South pier:

New pier of famous tourists Castletown:

And Longeness lighthouse seen from same pier far away:

One more town Peel with Castle Pier lighthouse:

And Peel Breakwater lighthouse:

Port Erin Front range lighthouse:

And Ranglin Pier lighthouse:

That's not full set, just some of them i had chance to visit during short trip. But anyway this is great place to go for lighthouses hunt.
Best regards,

Jacob Bax

We are allmost "finished" with scotland, and we are talking about Isle of Man, the next time we go to the UK.
I was thinking that there were only a few lighthouses there but on the Lighthouse Directory site I was counting  at least 30   :o
Hopefully we can do that in 8 days.


It's a beautiful place, Jacob, and also very interesting for LH hunters :)
Best regards,

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