Sharing lighthouse routes!

Started by Bergwind, November 25, 2016, 02:08:28 AM

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After my last lighthouse trip to Taiwan I have known flourite by this list! Thats a pity, better has been before to make some suggestions. Trying to do that better for the next trips in 2017 ! Has anyone experience with lighthouse trips in Western Turkey or Southern Sweden ?



Thanks for your interesting reply! All this lighthouses are so far away!  :-X Also German Beer is far away! :'( Wintertime I am living in Thailand and I must make doom with Thai Beer!


Thank you very much for the information, the truth is that I did not know them, and as soon as I make a safe trip I am going to know them and to see them more closely. I'm looking forward to making a route to get to know them all :D :D
Desde siempre me han encantado los faros y el hosting barato por ello no dejo de investigar siempre sobre ambas cosas ya que los faros y el mar me parecen geniales

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