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Started by Jacob Bax, June 12, 2012, 07:41:43 PM

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Jacob Bax

Is it posible that when you open a picture that is uploaded by yourself, isn't counted in "times viewed"?


It shows current number of views at the moment of opening the image. I think if you refresh the page after this - views number will be turned to "1".
Best regards,

Michal Gastropoda Marciniak

I guess the counter makes some mistakes OR someone playes with the counting; most of the pictures after few years have between 100 and 1000 "points" - there is a small group of pictures with 20000 "points"...
My example: Im here since 2 months - most of pictures have between 20 and 40 "points" exept of 3, which have over 200....
Dmitry - have you checked it?
Greetings MICHAL


Hi Michal!

This is really hard to check. Generally for old photos number of view depends from rating of the pic in google - if the page rating is high it would be appear every time in search queries of many people and that's why the number of views will be high. The rating depend from many factors such as external links to the pictures, keywords and if this is a unique photo and not so many pictures of this place in internet - it could be more popular as well.
For new photos, which are not yet indexed well in google, number of view depends mostly from popularity in social networks. Photos are automatically crossposted to twitter (almost all) and FB (some) and sometimes they start to be retweeted or reposted to many people, so the photo gets many views from this.
I think that some of the views could be artificial, coming from search bots, spam bots etc, but it's hard for me to estimate rate of such views in general amount, but i dont think that this rate is really too high.
Best regards,

Michal Gastropoda Marciniak

Hola Dmitry!
,,This is really hard to check" – thanks for this information. Other part of your answer doesnt explain me nothing – sorry Dmitry. I didnt expect answer, I wanted  just sygnalize ...
Have you been looking closer at the popularity list? I wouldnt write here if it would be not strange – not the amount of ,,points" is wondering me – I know about the ,,internet chain reaction" and even a half of million wouldnt surprise me, but ...
I give only 2 examples
1/ four identic described pictures ,,frying pan tower" – 3 have between 60 and 120 and 1 nearly 22000...
2/ 49 pictures have about 20000 and then is a gap to 1800...
I could write more..., but if it is hard to check then lets delete this topic.
Heartly greetings Michal


Agreed, this is some strange stuff. Can't explain this right now. But this is definitely not a user tricks. We had few DDOS attacks during site operations, maybe that was the reason...
Best regards,

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